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                           brings experienced and professional group of individuals that have the unique focus to understand an organization’s technology mission, and aligning that to your organization’s sustainability goals.

We focus on customer service and communication.  That starts with the people we employ that have high character, are respectful and hard working to represent                                 at the highest levels with our customers.  



focuses our SERVICES in a number of areas:



Visibility and Transparency We recognize the importance of accurate and complete reporting of your IT assets to ensure stakeholder visibility into sustainable practices across the technology spectrum.  Our full services include complete reporting and visibility with all recycled eWaste.  We provide detail data around how much scrap (lbs) and type of scrap along with full breakdown of all data wiped. 

Professionalism – our team comes prepared, focused and positive to meet your needs.



Sustainability Consulting to meet your organization’s needs

  • Assessment of current technology and Sustainability mission

  • Review how to maximize your technology 

  • Asset management

  • Risk mitigation

  • Data Center decommissioning


Data Consulting around data responsibility and awareness for data quality. We work with your key stakeholders to identify where your data sits, what data is useful versus obsolete data, plan for data destruction and provide useful data on your digital sustainability footprint.


All data wiped is used with a certified DoD 5220.22-M software while leveraging Microsoft Sharepoint infrastructure. 

data quality.png


Reuse more and recycle less, of course that’s the goal when dealing with end of life eWaste. But if the asset has reached it's "true" end of life, we recycle responsibly with our Zero Landfill Policy. Our Urban Miners breakdown eWaste by leveraging Microsoft O365 ecosystem for collaboration and data gathering.


Remarket if there is still life in your eWaste, we will maximize that value and expertly refurbish them (if required).  The environmental impact to extend the life of hardware far outweighs the complete breakdown of hardware into commodities.

Reverse Logistics - In addition to reselling and recycling, we also specialize in lifecycle services such as redeployment and lease returns, donations and more.



Data Security - we follow the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization when working with any device that has data.  NIST 800-88 should align with your organization's cybersecurity framework.  When destruction of the drive is deemed the best path forward, mitigating the environmental impact should be front of mind.


Onsite inventory, data center relocations and data destruction services can be provided..  

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